The Rufiji Basin Water Office is situated in Iringa Municipality in Iringa Region, about 2 kilometers from the town center on the Dodoma Road.  At present, the office has the following staff:

  •   Basin Water Officer
  •   Hydrologist
  •   Hydrogeologist
  •   Community development officers
  •   Technicians
  •   Accountant
  •   Supplies officer
  •   Secretary
  •   Drivers


The running of RBWO's activities
The office uses some officers from Regional Water Engineer's offices in the basin and occasionally from other government offices situated in the basin to fulfill some of its activities.

The office is operating through fees collected from various water users. The Ministry also allocates some money for the control of water uses in the basin. There is no other source of funds available to the office.

The institutional organization

The Basin Water offices are under the Water Councils Unit of the Ministry of Water. The Water Officer is appointed by the Minister of Water. He reports to the Principal Water Officer who is the head of the Water Council Unit. However the Basin Water Boards are Autonomous bodies. The Water Officer is the Secretary to the Board.

Functions of the RBWO
The main functions of the office include the following:

•  Monitoring of water uses including the operations of the Mtera and Kidatu dams.
•  Monitoring of the Water Resources (availability and quality).
•  Issue of Water Rights and consents to discharge waste water.
•  Conflict resolutions.
•  Holding stakeholder meetings.
•  Researches pertaining of Water Resources Utilization and Regulation.
•  Administration of the water utilization law in the basin including collection of various water user fees.
•  To educate and mobilize water users on matters concerning water resources management.
•  Make liaison with other relevant sectors on Water Resources Management.
•  Any other Water Resources Management issues in the basin.

Since its establishment the office has been engaged among other activities, in the monitoring of water abstractions and uses mainly in the Great Ruaha Sub-Catchment and collection of data from water resources monitoring stations in the whole Rufiji River Basin. Collection of operational data from Mtera and Kidatu dams has been done by this office. The data includes dam water levels, turbine discharges and spills if any. A number of Water Rights have been issued during this period.